Encourage marginalized publics (young people between 16-35 years old) who attend training centres as well as people close to their environment to participate to the European debate by allowing them to become informed European citizens.


–          Inform and raise awareness about the gains created by European citizenship;

–          Educate the targeted public about the impact that their vote can have in their daily life and allow them to become active European citizens. Encourage them to vote for the European elections of May 2019;

–          Allow the targeted public to blend in by working  but also by becoming citizens of society;

–          Educate and enquire Member of the Parliament on the expectations of the targeted public who are often forgotten in the programs of the U.E.

How? :

–          Create participation and expression tools and conditions

–          Promote cooperation and debate  between marginalized publics and society

–          Interaction between targeted public, project partners, Member of the Parliament and European institutions about topics that matters to them

Targeted public:

–          Young people with low qualifications in training course often influenced by populism and radicalisation.[:]