Latest This time I’m voting campain

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Here is the link to the latest campaign of the European Parliament regarding the European Elections of May 2019. Video There are only 21 days left before the elections, if you still have questions: here’s the link to the European Elections website powered by the European Parliament where you could get answers on how to vote, who to vote for,

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Transnational seminar – Brussels, April 24th 2019

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The Transnational Seminar organized by the Belgian partner ACFI, will take place on April 24th 2019 in Brussels, Belgium. It would be held the offices of the training center Idée 53 and a visit of the House of European History is planned ! [:]

Spain: National seminar – January 15th 2019

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January 15th 2019, the Spanish national seminar took place in Barcelona, Spain and was organized by our partners the Foundation Tinijove. The aim was to present the Vote4Europe? project but also to raise 2 questions which will be asked to MEP’s in Brussels.

Results of the questionnaires

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In the framework of the Vote4Europe project, we submitted a hundred of people to a survey on Europe, the European elections and their intention to vote for these elections in each of our partner countries. You can read more about the answers to the survey by country, about the analysis of these answers and see a graph representation of the

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What Europe does for me ?

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Here is an initiative from the European parliamentary research service (EPRS). It is a website which gathers a number of simple sheets showcasing what Europe does for the citizen in his daily life, in his city, in his region, explained from the citizen’s point of view. What does Europe for me?


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Each political group represented at the European Parliament chooses a lead candidates (Spitzenkandidat in German) and it case of victory during the European Elections, this candidate will be proposed for the presidency of the European commission. The procedure was introduced in 2014 with the aim of giving more democratic legitimacy to the nomination of the President of the European Commission

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