Make your voice heard!

The citizens of the European Union can make their voices heard by different methods:

  • Petitions: the right to petitions is one of the fundamental rights enshrined in the Lisbon Treaty. Petitions give the citizens a way to communicate with the Parliament and allow it to realize the way EU laws are applied and in what measures European Institutions care about responding to the concerns of its citizens. The Petition Committee is in charge of answering all the petitions addressed to it and to find when possible a solution to them. For more information, click here
  •  European Citizens’ Initiative : allow the citizens to propose effective legal changes in any of the field where the European Commission can propose laws. This initiative allows citizens from different Member States to join forces around matters that they hold dear. To launch an initiative, it takes 7 citizens from at least 7 different Member States, once the initiative gathers 1 million signatures, the Commission can decide if it will take actions. For more information on the matters and the organisation of the initiatives, click here
  • The MEP’s: you can express your concerns directly to the MEP’s, click here to access the full list of MEP’s and find their coordinates
  • For more information on how you can make you voice heard in the European Union, click here